Today’s Consumers are Connected Consumers Is your brand serving them right?

Today’s Consumers are Connected Consumers
Is your brand serving them right?

Create a customer journey framework | Tailor the experience as per different personas |
Delight customers at every touchpoint to orchestrate a winning CX.

Meet Rhea, a typical 30-year-old customer who works hard to manage job & family. Rhea loves to manage everything by herself and hates wasting her time. Customers like Rhea want brands to value their time and provide them with customized and connected experience. They want every step of their journey to be digitised and carefully orchestrated for a consistent & contextualized CX.

What do modern consumers crave?

Consumers, nowadays are driven by new set of demands and expectations for connectivity, immediacy, and contactless experiences at every step

Characteristics of Today’s Connected Consumer


Use mobile, social media, and other digital platforms to know about brand, its products, pricing & more

Values Hyper-Personalisation

Prefers brands who go the extra mile to offer their customers, what they desire for


Shares experiences and feedback on their social media channels. Acts as a brand influencer

Wants real-time Customer Support

Values an effective CX across various channels in real time

Desires Seamless CX

Expects a cohesive experience across all channels of a brand they interact with

Tech- enablers of the Connected Customer Experience

1. Customer Data Platform

It is vital for brands to have an in-depth understanding of their customers to build long-term business relationship. And if businesses don’t combine customer data, they will fail to know their customers well, leading to lacuna in CX, failure to recognize loyal customers & increase retention.

Customer Data Platform unifies the customer data from all touchpoints to create a 360-degree customer view

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial intelligence helps businesses in delivering tailored product recommendations as per customer’s preference and setting the optimal pricing. By integrating AI and ML to inculcate a data-driven approach for better decision making, customer journey can be enhanced across all channels.

3. Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce has proven to be a resilient sales & support channel, helping brands significantly enhance their CX. An omnichannel experience where customers can move seamlessly between physical and digital channel and still get an organized CX — all using a virtual assistant.

4. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is making huge strides as businesses today strive for data-driven insights. Know what happened, what can happen and figure-out what should be done.
Listening to the data aids in decision management, predict purchase behaviour, plan campaign economics accordingly and help brands achieve business excellence.

5. Feedback Solution

It’s usual for any brand to have its fair share of detractors but best brands go the extra mile by following up and taking care of the issues and can turn them into promoters, thereby improving the Net Promoter Score (NPS).
Advanced VoC solutions serve as an intelligent end-to-end platform for gathering feedback across multiple customer touchpoints, providing real-time analytics and text analysis. The solution enables brands to capture sentiments and improving overall loyalty index and customer satisfaction.

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what
they need well before they realize it themselves.”
— Steve Jobs, Apple

Brands must Re-Imagine ​how they Acquire, Engage, and Retain ​Modern & Connected Customers
Does your CRM cater to connected customers?​

Zence is a combination of products which help brands offer a connected customer experience — from Acquisition to Retention. The suite unifies Lead Management, Loyalty Program, Campaign Management, Ticket Management, Feedback Management, Customer Data Platform + Insights.

Zence 360° CRM solutions help brands break the silos and brings sales, service, marketing, and analytics together to power unified brand’s Customer Experience

360o Zence CRM Suite

Zence Marketing

  • Sales Capture, nurture, track & manage leads without hassle. Drive conversion by moving leads through the sales pipeline efficiently Loyalty Grow your customer base using personalised loyalty programs. Engage and retain users
  • Loyalty Grow your customer base using personalised loyalty programs. Engage and retain users
  • Engagement Craft your campaign strategy and manage one-on-one relationships by delivering relevant content
  • Analytics Create a 360-degree view with Customer Data Platform. Understand the why behind every customer behaviour

Zence Service

  • Feedback Use VoC and real-time reports to get full visibility into customer’s sentiments
  • Ticket Management Manage VoC through multiple channels by converting them into trackable tickets
  • Service Bot Connect, engage & support customers in real – time and enhance CX

Zence Commerce

  • Leverage Conversational Commerce. Accelerate your business growth via WhatsApp and Digital Commerce Bot
  • Messenger for Engagement | Digital Commerce Bot | Store View for Phygital Experience | Abandoned Cart Recovery | Digital Receipt & Payment

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