About CX Insider Chat Series

“Start with building a Customer Experience which is unmatched and connected, everything else will follow.”
Dig into interesting conversations with the best and brightest minds in the industry as Zence by Easyrewardz
unveils CX Insider Chat Series which features – Customers Speak, CMOs Talk, Tech Views and CEOs Vision.
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Episode 1

Customers Speak

These are the times of Customer Democracy – “Of the Customer, By the Customer, For the Customer” ™. Listen to what consumers have to say. Brands, be ready to take notes!

Episode 2

CMOs Talk

In conversation with seasoned Marketers & CMOs to get their POV on how they are planning to incorporate Customers’ voice to boost brand value and offer better CX

In Focus

What you will learn

  • Exclusive Business Growth Insights
  • Strategies to boost Customer Engagement
  • Latest CX Innovations & Trends
  • Compelling Stories from Industry Experts

White Paper

In the age of Customer Democracy, brands must form strategies that revolve around the customer in order to succeed. Easyrewardz Presents Whitepaper on Customer Democracy™. Read this to understand why Customer-Centricity should be the north star for your brand!

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