Capture Voice of Customer to elevate user experience with our feedback engine

Give your business an edge by understanding how your customers view your brand and act on the feedback to improve NPS

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Listen to what your customers think of your brand with
Collecta Feedback Management System

Your customers are paying not just for your product but a truly satisfying shopping experience

What’s New

Elevate user experience by understanding their behavior with customer reviews
Your personalized feedback engine to elevate customer experience

Transaction Service

Send unique communication to different users for customer reviews and Customized service to avoid sending repeated communication.

Get Google Reviews
for Stores

Post feedback dynamically redirect customers to Google review page and Redirect customers to your websites ticket page post feedback submission.


Create customized escalation matrix for different stores and Collecta modules and Create multiple escalation matrices for dissatisfied users and allow customer review tickets to be addressed by the concerned teams.

In Depth

Access graphical reports on how the Brand/Store/Store staff are performing on various KPIs like NPS and CSAT and View leader board of top performing locations and least performing locations basis CSAT scores.

Key Features

Capture customer reviews with our feedback management system to know what they want and deliver an elevated customer experience
Enable actions basis Voice of Customer to create brand advocates


  • Create conditional flows and logical jumps between questions
  • Apply rich audience-selection filters like enrolled store, segment and more
  • Simplified HTML editor with custom themes, logos & color change


  • Send links for Collecta forms via SMS/WhatsApp/Email
  • Feedback form integrated with Digital Receipts
  • Collect feedback in-store using custom forms


  • Capture customer satisfaction level via Customer Delight Index
  • Enrich your customer data and update their profile via Collecta
  • Analyze the performance of each feedback campaign with dashboard support


  • Provide multiple choice of rewards: Points, Gift Vouchers, Coupons
  • Negative feedback can be logged in as tickets
  • Alert staff/other internal stakeholders on negative rating

Key Benefits

Contextual Probing

Create customer personas leveraging Customer Data Platform to craft contextual questions

Shared Library

Pick from our shared library of design templates and pre-defined questions

Incentivize Customers

Make your customers feel heard and valued by rewarding them for providing feedback

Detractor Flow Management

Capture, analyse and enable actions on negative customer feedback from your customers

Give your customers the RIGHT to share their feedback & hear the Voice of Customer

Give your business an edge with our feedback management system to know how your customers review your brand