Webinar: Now, Next and Beyond: 3 phases of Retail Recovery


Now, Next and Beyond: 3 phases of Retail Recovery

Since the beginning of pandemic, the world is experiencing a profound shift in the customer buying journey. Consumers are now turning to brands that offer safe, convenient and personalized in-store and online experiences.
Easyrewardz looks at the retail world in three dimensions- ‘Now, Next and Beyond’ and examines trends, habits, and implications. We also outline new consumer dynamics, and retailers’ approach to winback customers.
Join us in the webinar where industry experts will discuss how Conversational Commerce can be the driving force for retail
In Focus:
  •  Preparing for the next and beyond
  • Understanding changes in consumer behaviour and psyche
  • Tech-enabled solutions available to retailers
  • Role of Contactless and Conversational Commerce in retail recovery
  • In-store technological advancements- the way to win consumer’s trust


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