Know where does your brand stand on the CX Maturity Continuum

Have you turned CX Vision to action?

Know where does your brand
stand on the CX Maturity Continuum

Have you prepared CX Action Plan for FY 24? Read this before planning for the new fiscal year!

Is your brand focusing on the following this financial year –

Accomplishing Deliverables and Milestones | Investing in Technology and Digitisation | Elevating CSAT score

First step is to evaluate brand’s current CX performance, know which level of CX your brand falls under, and form strategies to unlock the NEXT level. And how will you do it?

Easyrewardz presents CX Maturity Assessment for brands – An assessment for businesses to track their CX score. The quiz will act as a guide for brands as it will help them know where they are lacking and what can be improved to shape better CX and hence, clear picture of the focus area.

 Stage 1: Novice

Is CX not your focus area yet? Do you know what it can translate to? Lost Sales, Poor Brand Reputation, Disappointed Consumers, and all things negative!

Here’s how to move from Novice to Beginner

  • Define what CX stands for your brand
  • Conduct a gap analysis to discover areas for improvement
  • Start capturing customer feedback
  • Train staff on basic customer service skills

 Stage 2: Beginner

While there is a rudimentary understanding about the importance of CX, there is a lack of prioritization within the brand. Identify your low hanging fruit and then keep going forward.

Here’s how to move from Beginner to Advanced

 Stage 3: Advanced

It is safe to say that the brand starts viewing CX as a highest priority, at this stage. Time to accelerate journey towards becoming a CX-oriented brand, capable to provide better CX and ROI.

Here’s how to move from Advanced to Emerger

  • Track customer feedback to drive improvements
  • Use 360 ° Customer View to offer relevant communication
  • Adopt a customer-centric mindset within the brand and embed CX practices across every function

 Stage 4: Emerger

At this stage, the brand is proactively working towards elevating CX and form strategies to foster a customer-centric culture.

Here’s how to move from Emerger to Customer-Centric

 Stage 5: Customer-Centric

Congratulations, if you are at this stage – You are a CX Pro!

This is the final stage of CX maturity and brands at this level are role models in the CX realm. They have brand advocates, increased ROI, low customer churn and finally, all things positive!

Now is not the time to take your foot off the peddle and practice what you have been doing!

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