Easyrewardz Upgrades Indian Phygital Retail Competitiveness with AI-Powered Shopster 5.0

India, 31 January 2022: Easyrewardz, India’s leading end-to-end CLM & Loyalty solution provider firm has launched the enhanced capabilities Shopster 5.0 AI powered Contactless Conversational Commerce toolkit. Shopster 5.0 for the first time enables Indian Retailers with next generation video commerce and WebBot capabilities designed for enhanced customer purchase experience. Shopster has already enabled many leading retail brands to boost store sales during the pandemic.
“The deep learnings from enabling Phygital competitiveness in combating pandemic impact on customer shopping behaviour and their gravitation towards ecommerce have formed the key enhancements in Shopster 5.0. Physical retailers now have a powerful tool to better the physical, hybrid and online purchase experience of shoppers,” said Soumya Chatterjee, CEO, Easyrewardz.
Leading retail brands, including Kiehls, UCB, Tommy Hilfiger, BodyShop, Marks & Spencers, and Pantaloons amongst many others trust Shopster to continually upgrade their Phygital shopping experience. Shopster is today powering 1500+ stores, and has reached over 30 Lac customers.
Tejas Kadakia, Co-founder & Sales Director, Easyrewardz said, “our retail customers are already reporting 12 percent better sales conversion in their Shopster enabled stores compared to others. They are also seeing many of their long absent customers re-engaging with the superlative video commerce experience that enable shopping from home with an experience that is better than both physical shopping and ecommerce.”
Shopster has become an important pull channel that has helped retailers transform more customers into consumers, decrease returns, and create brand loyalty. As shoppers move away from conventional brick-and-mortar shops, the retail environment tries to replicate the in-store process as near as possible. The natural conversation flow ensures your customers feel heard, validated and valued. And this is what all online shoppers today expect!
The latest 2022 Shopster 5 adds numerous features including Video Commerce, Marketing Enablement, Product Discovery Enhancement, Conversational AI, Quick hops for CX and Hassle-Free Payments via Shopster Pay.






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