Why Customer Connect?

Customer Connect is envisioned to create a bridge between us and our partner brands to explore the ever-evolving CX landscape. It is a platform to bring together industry leaders, CX enthusiasts, and thought leaders for an insightful exploration of the ever-evolving CX landscape. The aim is to leverage the collective knowledge, insights, and enthusiasm to innovate and shape the future of customer experiences.

Exploring the dynamic world of CX to meet customer expectations!
The Purpose
In today’s fiercely competitive CX arena, creating moments of delight for customers is crucial. Customer Connect will serve as an invaluable platform to delve into the strategies, trends, and innovations that enable brands to deliver experiences customers truly desire.
Customer Connect – where CX insights meet innovation.
At Easyrewardz, we’ve embarked on a remarkable journey from being a loyalty company to an end-to-end CRM service provider. Our recent milestone is celebrating 12 years of excellence in Customer Experience, and we’re excited to have had esteemed partner brands join us in this celebration at the Flagship Customer Connect, 2023 – Delhi Edition. This event is our way of expressing gratitude for their unwavering support and trust, which has been instrumental in our evolution.
1st Customer Connect, 2023 – Delhi Edition





The Westin, Gurugram




Marketing & Product Leaders From
The event was a resounding success, filled with engaging discussions and innovative idea exchanges. The first edition of Customer Connect is just the beginning, as we gear up for more such events, with each designed to explore and redefine the world of CX. Stay connected with us as we continue to unlock new insights and innovations in CX.