The virtuous cycle of Customer Feedback Collect > Analyze > Act > Repeat

Advanced Customer feedback Solutions: The cornerstone for a successful business

Customer feedback – An important pillar for an effective CX
Always remember the old retail saying: “Customers remember the experience longer than they remember the price”. Focusing on improving CX is the first step to create an effective retail marketing strategy. Businesses should be considerate about the importance of customer satisfaction and pay heed to their sentiments towards brands.

“It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.”
(“Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner)

Capturing the voice of customer provides brands a way to increase customer engagement, customer retention, innovate faster than the competition, create brand advocates, and increase ROI. While, not tracking customer sentiments could lead to user frustration & customer churn, negative PR on public platform and loss of loyalty & advocacy.
Let us take Netflix as an example. Netflix tests its features by asking users to rate movies they have watched and their interest in movie genres, so that people can recommend shows and movies to other users. As a result, their recommendation procedure has resulted in 75% of viewer activity based on these suggestions, which is impressive.
Meeting and exceeding the needs of today’s buyers require a cohesive approach to customer feedback program. This starts with eliminating data silos and form a unified approach that covers the complete customer journey across multiple channels to build long-lasting customer relationships Given the current scenario, it has become more vital to understand and take instant action as per the voice of customers as the pandemic has had a significant impact on the habits and shopping attitudes of consumers.
One of the biggest challenges for businesses this time is to survive. A smartly designed customer feedback software can help brands keeping a real time pulse on changing customer buying behaviour.
The Nuts & Bolts of Customer Feedback Solution
For the uninitiated, taking customer feedback helps businesses in gathering, and implementing the 360-degree view of customers to grow business.
Traditional customer feedback methods (e.g. pop-up or email surveys, polls) can have lag times between starting and results, are too slow and do not provide in-depth research to keep up with today’s business pressures. That’s why brands have now started turning towards new-age Voice of Customer solutions.
But first, know the CX Experts approved rules for collecting Customer Feedback

1-Take cues from customers

Customers are not just the recipients of good service but they can provide necessary inputs and empower staff to make better decisions. Taking feedback from customers can also spark new ideas and helps identifying gaps which need to be filled.
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2 – Collect customer feedback at every touchpoint

Turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to collect feedback and focus on continuous improvement. Use feedback to gain insights like the probability of your customers to do next and take action to improve the experience before it’s too late.

3 – Figure out the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’

Understand the sentiments that drive consumers actions with customer feedback tools that help you uncover customer insights and effectively leverage the knowledge to improve experiences.

4 – So, you have taken the valuable feedback. What’s next?

Deploy a toolkit which gives access to analytics dashboard and empower your staff to take necessary actions to improve CX.

VoC in action

Voice of customer program includes an array of tasks – from data collection, to extracting customer insights, putting them to action. The program further provides an opportunity to uplift your brand experience.

Unified Feedback Engine to know your customers better

Easyrewardz Collecta aims to serve as an intelligent end-to-end platform for gathering feedback across multiple customer touchpoints, providing real-time analytics and text analysis, enabling brands to capture sentiments and improving overall loyalty index and customer satisfaction.

Key features

 Capture VoC real-time
Every customer experience is an opportunity to elevate your brand experience. Deliver the best by taking customer feedback through Collecta’s multi-channel ready-to-go templates of-
Capture context by asking right questions
Understand how your customers view your brand by asking them relevant questions via customer satisfaction surveys, polls etc. Customise questions as per customer journey or segments and provide rewards for sharing feedback. Create dynamic questionnaires basis customer segment and customer affinity.
 Gain actionable customer insights
Analyse your customers feedback through real-time dashboard, detailed reports with actionable take-aways to take your brand experience a notch above.

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