Conversational Commerce – Use Cases for Retail

Conversational Commerce – Use Cases for Retail

Conversational Commerce has proven to be a gamechanger for the Retail industry, helping brands significantly enhance their CX and boost sales.
The need for retailers to adopt Conversational AI driven solutions is only likely to grow, as their focus is increasingly moving towards digital-savvy customers of today.

The onus lies on retail businesses to enable digital transformation for engaging their customers.

This blog outlines five use cases in Retail industry by describing the key challenges that retailers were facing, and how Easyrewardz Shopster helped businesses find a solution.

Use Case #1 Adopting digital presence during lockdown

Problem Statement

The pandemic brought the retail industry to an absolute standstill, and the situation was worse for brands that did not have a digital platform readily available. Many leading brands existed as part of e-commerce websites but did not have a dedicated digital presence for their retail stores (app or website).


Solution Provided

Easyrewardz Shopster helped in keeping the retail experience alive and establishing a new channel for brands with no prior digital real estate.

Shopster helped brands by providing a platform that enables in-store experience allowing brands to maintain customer relationship through store staff by bringing the comfort of shopping directly to their homes, by allowing customers to browse catalogues and hassle-free checkouts

Shopster as a channel provided footfall to brands which otherwise had zero operational stores due to the lockdown. From building a carousel ad to enabling quick and secure payments, the Conversational AI toolkit was able to provide digital presence to these brands within just 2 months of lockdown.

Use Case #2 Faster delivery during the Pandemic

Problem Statement

A lot of brands suffered due to logistical confines that surfaced during the pandemic. While most deliveries were impossible due to unserviceable red, orange zones etc, the deliveries being sourced through the warehouses were taking a very long time to be completed. Also, with the number of cases on the rise, customers were skeptical of buying products that had travelled long distances and had passed through multiple hands.

Solution Provided

Shopster provided a platform for faster and safer deliveries by sourcing the products from stores located near the customers. Many leading brands ensured 4-hour deliveries for the customers which was a huge success, especially during festive seasons.

Trial at home was also introduced by many leading brands, allowing the customers to select, try and shop for clothes without compromising their comfort.

Use Case #3 Enabling direct conversation with customers

Problem Statement

Decreased consultations owing to COVID. While e-commerce websites allow you to shop for apparel and footwear, cosmetics are often purchased only after consulting with the in-house hair and skin specialists of leading cosmetic brands.

Solution Provided

Shopster allowed customers to chat and video call with the store staff and to select the products that best suited them, without having to step out.

Leading Skin & Hair Care Specialists were able to provide assistance to customers through chat (consultations, product recommendations) and appointment booking, which made it easier for both brands and consumers.

Use Case #4 Establishing a new channel of communication

Problem Statement

Staying connected with customers in times of crisis

Solution Provided

While the pandemic made it difficult for retailers to connect with their customers, Shopster presented a new opportunity to brands to start engaging with customers via their most preferred communication channel. Shopster allows users to interact directly via Whatsapp and allows for more engagement as opposed to the traditional channels of communication. While a conventional communication channel has open rate of 1-2% or lesser, WhatsApp engagement indexes are much higher.

Use Case #5 Flexibility of choosing the procurement source

Problem Statement

Just before the launch of Shopster for one of Easyrewardz partner brands, the entire country was subjected to lockdown. No stores were operational in the region. Shopster product suite majorly works on a store servicing concept.

Solution Provided

Since the launch was already communicated to customers, Shopster ensured that the launch was not impacted, and the architecture was enhanced to allow servicing from warehouse and not just stores.

In a Nutshell

Shopster Conversational AI toolkit offers a proven method to address the challenges in a hassle-free way. Customers can ask queries right away, get video call assistance, schedule their appointments, pay digitally — do it all from comfort of their couch.

ConversationaI commerce has the power to revolutionize Retail. Deliver an experience that resonates with your customer.

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