Reimagining Retail Post Coronavirus with Shopster

Over the past few months, the Coronavirus pandemic has upended many lives and businesses on an unprecedented scale. Retail industry has been bearing the brunt of this unforeseen crisis.
Given the uncertainty around the nature and duration of crisis, it is evident for retailers to quickly adapt to the emerging scenarios. They need to reshape their business in a more resilient and agile way.

The lockdown has brought a sea change in consumer behavior. They are expected to spend more money on essentials, do less shopping trips and plan purchases instead of impulsive buying. With the shift in consumer behaviour, retailers are gearing up for the ‘new normal’ world.
As per a Consumer Survey: A whopping 87% shoppers prefer to shop in stores with “touchless or robust self-checkout options.
The “New Normal” in Retail
  • Contactless shopping is expected to be the new trend
  • Hygiene level of stores will be the key attraction for shoppers
  • With social distancing becoming the new norm, ‘Shop by appointment’ is likely to be a reality going forward
  • With consumers expected to be cautious of walking into physical stores, retailers need to focus on appointment-based visits, contact less shopping, and conversational commerce, to push sales.
Time to Reimagine the Post COVID CX strategy
Even if the lockdown is lifted, social distancing will have to be followed as the government has repeatedly said that that it is the need of the hour.
In order to stay relevant post corona crisis, retailers need to adapt to the new norms of selling by switching to assisted digital shopping, appointment-based store visits, digital payments and receipts.
Introducing Shopster – a plug-n-play retail toolkit to create seamless shopping experience with conversational commerce
Easyrewardz has recently launched a new product to help retailers navigate through these unprecedented times by redesigning their CX strategy to boost store sales.

Shopster aims to reinvigorate the retail industry by streamlining the entire selling experience. It helps retail businesses in driving their business continuity by delivering end-to-end phygital (physical + digital) shopping experiences.
It enables retailers to connect with their customers by bringing store to their home.
“Right from product discovery to delivery and feedback — the virtual shopping assistant enables the brand to assist their consumers throughout the cycle.”
It allows Retailers to:
  • Get in touch with Customers through WhatsApp and WebBot
  • Send product catalogues, customized recommendations, and follow-ups
  • Receive payments digitally & share digital receipt
  • Facilitate fulfilment
  • Seek customer’s feedback

The customizable toolkit also features ‘Store Visit via Appointment’ where customers can book their slots at the nearest store. Store managers book the slots basis number of customers allowed and customizable time slots so as to follow the social distancing rules at stores.
Undoubtedly, Conversational Commerce is rapidly transforming the way retail players notify, engage and sell to their buyers. The COVID-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc and throwing businesses into disarray, but who might come out ahead is the question.
Thinking of ways to continue your business post COVID? Know how Shopster can help.
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