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At Easyrewardz, we recognize that Reward Management lies at the core of fostering customer loyalty and engagement in the financial sector. Our comprehensive solution empowers banks and financial institutions to seamlessly manage and enhance their Rewards Programs, offering a diverse range of redemption options for customers to enjoy meaningful rewards. With real-time inventory tracking and easy setup of redemption rules, our platform ensures a seamless and delightful redemption experience. By optimizing reward redemption processes, financial institutions can drive customer actions, increase card or wallet usage, and strengthen loyalty, resulting in elevated customer satisfaction and long-term business growth.

If you are a bank or financial institution looking to implement a rewards program or seeking to upgrade your existing loyalty program, our solution enables you to engage and retain your customers with exciting redemption options. Our platform offers a range of powerful features designed to help you drive customer loyalty, increase ROI, and deliver exceptional experiences.

Reward Box


Single point where every redemption type is available

Our USPs

Create moments of delight with an extensive reward catalogue

Flexible redemption rate basis LOB/ Card type

Secured with OTP at redemption and delivery


Same day


Our USPs

Create moments of delight with an extensive reward catalogue

Reward Options

Single point where every redemption type is available

Why Choose Us?

Offer compelling array of rewards that captivate your customers’ attention and foster a deep emotional connection. By strengthening the reward currency, you enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and overall program effectiveness.

Drive and maximize the Value Per Point (VPP) and Cost Per Point (CPP) difference to ensure that the value your customers perceive in your rewards far outweighs the cost of providing them.

Excitement fuels accrual, curate an exciting reward catalogue to increase customer engagement in your loyalty program, leading to higher redemption and stronger customer loyalty.

Offer diverse & flexible redemption options that support multiple-channels including online, in-store, and real-time instore to enable your customers to choose how and when they want to enjoy their rewards.

Meet customer expectations consistently and build trust through reliable & streamlined processes by ensuring smooth operations and efficient vendor management with our end-to-end operational support.

Key Benefits

Drive customer satisfaction and business growth with a wide array of redemption options to

Exceptional Experiences

Create personalized and memorable experiences for your customers through tailored rewards and personalized offers.

Multi-channel Redemption

Support multiple channels for reward redemption, including online, in-store, and mobile, to enhance customer convenience and satisfaction.

Vendor Management

Efficiently manage vendors and suppliers involved in the reward accrual process to ensure smooth operations and timely fulfilment.

Key Features

An exhaustive and highly customizable platform, offering end-to-end solutions for designing, launching, & managing loyalty programs

Ahead of the Curve

In today’s highly competitive landscape, providing exceptional customer experiences is paramount. Effective reward management allows you to go beyond mere transactions and deliver memorable moments that keep customers coming back for more. By implementing our advanced reward management tools, you can differentiate your brand, surpass customer expectations, and stay ahead of the curve.
“Research indicates that companies that effectively utilize reward management strategies have a 33% higher likelihood of outperforming their competitors in terms of customer satisfaction and retention.”

From reward selection and distribution to redemption and tracking,
Easyrewardz offers a complete end-to-end solution for managing your rewards program.

Elevate your loyalty program to enhance customer engagement, drive loyalty, and maximize ROI.