Customer Engagement in Times of Social Distancing: Stay Connected, Stay Relevant

Every relationship irrespective of its realm, needs investment to stay relevant – time, emotions and communication. Likewise, each Brand or Retail business irrespective of its size, is always attempting to make closer relationships with its customers, benefits of doing so are known to all of us that are running businesses with customer centricity.
Current situation with Covid-19 has left businesses and marketers in a state of dilemma with respect to customer communication. Important that we reach out to customers with a change in role and approach. These times are about maintaining your position in customer’s mind as a companion who is in this with them, and together we shall overcome.
A comparison that comes to mind is that of a Long-Distance Relationship, you just cannot meet your partner, but you must keep the dialogue going to maintain the emotional & mental proximity.
To overcome the Conditions created for us by Covid-19, here is a 5C’s guide to drive the long-distance relationship with the Customer:
People are confined to homes and are spending more time browsing, reading and consuming content shared by friends, family and communities.
Be A Part! Focus on creating content, engage through social media campaigns and build digital hobbies from your platform and stay connected. Send personalized 1-o-1 communication through SMS & Email. It’s more likely to be read!
Fashion brands could launch contests for carrying a new look or innovating fashion | Entertainment business could ask to apply a scene from a movie to educate about social distancing | Makeup brands could launch make-up tutorials contributed by customers, and the list can go on…
Push relevant content that motivates them to make most of it!
The Me Time you never got, the Lifestyle Pressures that had you tired, Child that you couldn’t give as much time to, The Recipe that you so wanted to try and Family above all that you want to cherish.
Create themes around these and let relevant content do the magic.
Launch communication around actions that allow them to Collect Rewards or Accrue Points & Vouchers, that can be used when regular times resume. Reward customers for profile update (they do have time to indulge), for feedback on their last purchase, for survey on their inputs on new collections/features.
Send product catalogues and personalized recommendations for what they could get for themselves.
Get them to add to wish-list | Vote their yay n nay for a product | Send refreshing looks post
Retail Therapy works!
Extend the expiry date of Tiers, Loyalty Points/Miles, Vouchers and Coupons. Let your customer see your gesture towards helping them keep their Savings in the Program and to be able to enjoy full benefits of associating with your brand.
As a parting thought, let’s remember that it’s the time of social distancing, not social isolation. Brands, as a constant in lives of customers — can use this time to connect in meaningful ways and nurture their existing bonds through a spirit of solidarity.
Stay connected, stay relevant!

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