Drive Retail Excellence with

  • Reports and Visualization
  • Marketing Automation
  • Business Intelligence

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Use Data-Driven Insights to enhance decision-making and Unlock Growth

Zence Analytics is a Customer Data Analytics solution that enables businesses to collect and analyze the data, create custom data visualisations, discover hidden insights and unlock business growth.

Zence Analytics Advantage

Reports and Visualization
  • Get a comprehensive brand performance analysis
  • Receive instant alerts and notifications via WhatsApp
  • Extract reports based on customized parameters
  • Create custom data visualizations as per the requirement
Marketing Automation
  • Leverage Advanced Customer Segmentation tool to drive outcomes
  • Bring all data together for a Single View of Customer
Business Intelligence
  • Receive instant support via AI-powered user chatbot and get the required data
  • We help brands curating sharp marketing intelligence to enhance decision-making