Bata Joins Hands with South Asia’s leading CLM Platform Easyrewardz for “BataClub” Loyalty Program

New Delhi, 5 Jan 2024: Easyrewardz, South Asia’s leading end-to-end CLM & Loyalty solution provider announced that Bata, one of the largest footwear brands globally has leveraged “Zence” CRM solution stack by Easyrewardz, for the success of their multi-national “BataClub” program.
Founded in 1894, Bata has been at the forefront of making customer-centricity a reality with their motto of ‘going the extra mile’. Seeing that in the retail sector, the role of CRM has evolved into a vital necessity, and it stands poised for significant growth, Bata International is leveraging CRM solutions to provide an unparalleled shopping experience for its customers in geographies like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Bangladesh, having over 20 brands and labels, such as Bata, North Star, Power, Bubblegummers, Weinbrenner, Sandak or Toughees.
The Footwear market in Southeast Asia is projected to grow by 5.18% (2023-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$20.78bn in 2028. – Statista
Soumya Chatterjee, CEO, Easyrewardz, said, Easyrewardz CLM stack helps transform customer engagement in the retail landscape. Our CRM & Loyalty solutions seamlessly manage the entire customer journey, from initial acquisition to continued engagement and retention offering an optimal shopping experience for Bata’s customers.
With Zence CRM stack, we’ve equipped Bata International with advanced capabilities, providing a unified view of each customer across multiple locations. This enables personalized and attentive service, ensuring that every interaction with the brand is tailored to meet the unique preferences and expectations of Bata’s diverse customer base. We thank Bata for choosing us as their CRM & Loyalty partners. This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to empowering retailers with cutting-edge solutions to navigate the evolving landscape of customer expectations and digital transformation.”
Bata International, leverages Easyrewardz Zence Loyalty solutions, seamlessly integrating various features to enhance customer engagement, utilizing LPaaS for crafting personalized loyalty journeys and fostering active engagement through WhatsApp.
Easyrewardz collaboration with Bata extends beyond conventional retail solutions as they have also played a pivotal role in establishing a program microsite for Bata. This microsite empowers customers with access to personalized dashboards, the ability to refer friends and family, and the opportunity to unlock delightful rewards and more.
Geoffroy Berthon, Global Customer Experience Director at Bata, said on the success of the program “Bata and Easyrewardz are thrilled with the introduction of the “BataClub” program. This initiative was designed keeping in mind the values on which Bata was founded over a 130 years ago. As a global group, we believe in respecting different cultures, and thus we have a very unique set of customers with diverse set of needs & expectations. We are delighted to have chosen Easyrewardz as our partner in this journey to improve Customer Lifecycle Management to delight and reward customers. This facilitates tracking customer visits, enhancing service experiences, and fostering loyalty through personalized offerings and delightful services.
As market leaders in the footwear retail sector, the protection of our customers’ data and privacy is of utmost importance to us. Easyrewardz has been instrumental in ensuring the security of customer information through their end-to-end solutions, providing us with a 360° view of our customers’ profiles. Thank you to team Easyrewardz for their continuous support, we are eager to see this partnership grow and succeed.”

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