Frequently Asked Questions

What is Poiink?

Poiink is an App that helps you make the most of your points you collect from various loyalty programs. Enrol, track, collect Points on spends, and pool them (transfer points within your favourite programs) in simple and easy steps, and redeem them on-the-go. Play fun quizzes in the Poiink Up section and unlock amazing coupons and deals. 

How I can register on Poiink?

Begin by verifying your mobile number. Enter the OTP sent to you. You can then create a password. Choose to connect to Poiink socially (FB, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, or fill up basic details to create a profile.

How it works with Poiink?

You can do so much more with Poiink! Track, Pool, Redeem all program points the way you wish to. That’s the kind of freedom you get with Poiink. With Pooling, you can transfer points from one or more programs into a program, which means your points never go waste! Collect perks to play fun quizzes in the Poiink Up Section and make your way to exciting coupons.

How I can change the password in case I forget it?

Click on “Forgot the password”. Enter the OTP sent to you on the registered mobile number. Reset the password.

To whom and how do I reach out in case of an issue?

Call Centre number is +91 847 000 3270 and the timing is 10:00 AM-07:00 PM or you can drop a mail at

What is the validity of points?

The validity of the points depends on the program rules of participating programs.


What all can I do using the app?

You can Track all your Programs, Enrol into New Programs, Pool Points from one Program to another or all in one go, and save more! Additionally, you can win Perks by Joining the App, inviting friends, giving feedback and adding Cards of your favourite programs. With perks you can play your way to amazing deals & coupons in the Poiink Up section.

How does using this App help me? I already am a member of many programs.

You are a member of many brands already and carrying each and every card with you isn’t feasible all the time. Using this App not only makes it hassle free to track all the Points across brands, it also helps you use Points from other Programs so that your collected Points never go waste. 

How to add loyalty cards?

It’s simple. When you enter your credentials, the app would automatically detect all the brands you are a member of OR manually add the card of the programs you like by going to the explore cards section.

Can I join new Programs on this app?

Yes. Choose from a variety of Programs within the Explore Cards section in a single click.

What is pooling? How it works?

You might be a member of multiple Programs, and each might have some Points you have been earning over time. Pooling is basically a way in which you can either collate all the Points you have earned by far to use for a single brand, or, use specific points from one Program into another leading to you save more in your favourite brands. 

What are Perks? How do I earn more Perks?

As the name suggests, Perks are non-monetary reward currency, which you can collect on your in-app activities. Earn perks when you log in the app, invite friends to join the app and when your friends join, you get some amount of perks added in your account. You can also earn perks on adding cards of your favourite programs, sharing your feedback, each time you pool, collect or burn points. Further, you can play games/quizzes by spending these earned Perks on the app and unlock exciting coupons. 

How does one win Coupons by using Perks?

Perks can be used to play exciting games which in turn helps you to win great deals & coupons. 

Why can’t I see any coupons in the Coupon Pocket?

That’s probably because they have either expired or you haven’t earned any! Unlock coupons by playing fun games and quizzes. Keep playing to collect more ‘n’ more coupons.

How can I turn off App notifications?

You can see a Bell Icon at the Top Right of the app. Just click on it and you’ll be able to view all the Notifications beneath. To turn off the notifications, Turn the Slider Off. To turn it On again, turn the slider On.