Most Important Terms And Conditions

1. Poiink is owned and managed by EasyRewardz Software Services Pvt. Ltd. This includes but is not limited to the brand name and mobile application features.
2. Poiink is a mobile platform 
a. to enable users to track points balance across participating loyalty programs
b. to enable users to add points from brands participating in pooling to another participating brand of user’s choice, and 
c. to help brands extend offers through coupons to users 
3. Poiink provides a platform and acts merely as an intermediary
a. Benefits associated with individual point programs are governed by program rules of individual brand programs
b. Once points are transferred into a particular program, the rules of that program shall prevail
c. There could be a difference in number of points credited into user’s one program account and number of points debited from another program account basis conversion rates, and conversion rates could vary from program to program
d. While most brands allow transfer of points to all other participating programs for pooling, a few brands may be interested in pooling selectively and thus may not allow transfer of points into select other programs. 
e. The coupon offers are brought to users from participating brands and at no point in time are these offers extended by Poiink. Any disputes regarding such offers are to be settled directly with the participating brands extending the offers
4. Features on Poiink are made available on best effort basis, there could be a lag due to user losing connectivity or other technical reasons
5. Although we make reasonable efforts to ensure that the information displayed on the mobile platform is accurate and up to date, we cannot ensure that this will always be the case and hereby disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy of such information
6. Members will be issued Perks, a non-monetary currency, on Poiink for certain actions. Perks are required to Play to Win coupons. The amount of Perks issued for an associated action, the amount of perks required for a particular coupon, or the very associated action or associated coupon is subject to change. The aforementioned condition on coupons applies to Perks associated coupons as well.
7. By registering on Poiink, user agrees to the terms and conditions of the offering. For detailed terms and conditions refer to the program site