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Over lots of cups of coffee, weekends locked in service apartments, algorithms drawn and wiped, re-drawn on paper napkins, whiteboards, window panes, mobile screens etc., we embarked on delivering technology products with in-depth analytical insights and best in breed services to create customer-merchant ecosystems that foster growth for the merchant and delight for the customers. 1000 days, 2000+ stores & 2 million customers later, we are still getting started!


Soumya Chatterjee (Co-Founder & CEO)

Loyalty/CRM/eComm pro with 12+ yrs of experience across industries. Loves movies, music, food & new tech! A doting father who is discovering fatherhood.

Angad Angad Singh
(Co-founder & Director – Strategy)

IIM Alumnus. Ex-Banker. Miles Junkie. Pro Swimmer. Formula One Lover. Strategist for Life. A focused individual and definitely a people’s person.

Sapan Sapan Kadakia
(Co-founder & Director – Marketing & Ops)

An entrepreneur to the core, a believer that mobile & online space is going to be huge in India. Wants to solve customers’ pain points with innovative solutions.

Tejas Tejas Kadakia
(Co-founder & Director – Sales)

Builds relations like magic, no wonder is often called the Rainmaker! His love for tech & innovation drives him to create strategies for next-gen products.

Tejas Shailesh Rathi

IIM-A alumnus & A CA. An Ex I-Banker. Maths Wizard. Amateur Poker Player. Marathoner. Mythology Enthusiast. Always planning the next vacation.

Awaneesh Awaneesh Pandey
(Associate Director – Tech Solutions)

With 14 yrs of software development experience, he’s a tech geek and a strong believer of "be brave take risks. Nothing can substitute experience".

Pooja Pooja Goenka
(Account Manager)

A people's person, she enjoys every bit of her role at work. She’s a believer in work hard & party harder! Loves dancing & staying connected with friends.

Sourav Sourav Gomes

This out-and-out comic loves sarcasm and is a great stand-up comedian himself. A believer of God, states that life is easy and not complicated.

Neha Neha Yadav
(Manager – Key Accounts)

A wacko soul who loves trying out everything at least once in life. Easy-going, avid reader, wanderer and fiercely independent – unapologetically herself!

Priyanka Priyanka
(HR Manager)

A highly motivated soul who swears by love what you do, do what you love. Keeps an eye on her target and takes work ethics very seriously.

Rashmi Rashmi Chatterjee
(Regional Manager - Enterprise Markets)

Food Freak. Book Worm. Dedicated Shoe Lover. Movie Buff. Motivated by things she loves to do. A 24x7 person when it comes to getting things done.

Kirti Kirti Mahajan
(Data Scientist)

She’s someone who understands teamwork brilliantly. A humble soul, an amateur environmentalist, her awareness motto is “save paper, save light, save us.”

Khushboo Khushboo Arora
(Assistant Manager – Customer Service)

This petite looking damsel loves to indulge in cheese & chocolates. Her KRA includes convincing the customers how wrong they are at times!

Gaurang Gaurang Bhardwaaj
(Manager – Ops – Rewards & Fulfilment)

A firm believer of leadership is a natural quality, and that a good team player should share his gyaan. He’s our in-house Johnny Bravo!

Priyanka Shukla Priyanka Shukla
(Senior Business Analyst)

Absolutely in love with her job, she also loves photography, traveling, nature, music, books and poetry. A cheerful person, who values new experiences.

Tuhin Tuhin Kanti
(Data Analyst)

From interest in food, news, spy movies, to business case studies, the guy who resembles Tintin, one life doesn’t seem enough for all he still wants to do!

Sohini Sohini Das
(Senior Executive – Inside Sales)

A true Piscean by nature, she loves to live in her own dream world and wishes to have days like Garfield! A hard worker, she strives for perfection at work.

Pratibha Pratibha Sharma
(Data Analyst)

Likes learning new things & listening to music, she has her eyes set on her goals. She loves her mom, and looks up to her for inspiration.

Khalid Khalid Khan
(Asst. Manager – Client Operations)

He’s very adaptive and compatible to challenging environment. An optimist by nature, patience is his virtue, and feels that hard work is recognised.

Sudhakar Sudhakar Dosapathruni
(Assistant Manager)

A lover of dance and a hater of procrastination, he’s a self-motivated, passionate soul, jovial and competitive. He resembles Jerry from Tom & Jerry!

Makin Makinuddin Qureshi
(Assistant Manager – IT)

A positive soul, his passion includes music & zipping on the bike amidst foggy roads. This official “net provider” enjoys the simple pleasures of life.

Vikram Vikram Tiwari
(Assistant Manager – Client Operations)

Sports enthusiast, and a natural trainer by profession & passion. Loves dozing off anywhere, everywhere. A go-getter, both in terms of work and food!

Vedanshu Vedanshu Srivastava
(UX/UI – Lead)

An addict to extremism - He believes in being the wacko doing all sorts of senseless things. After all, if you're not paying, you're the product.

Anil Anil Kumar
(Executive – Accounts)

A desi Jat by nature, boxing is his favourite sport. Overall simple and fun loving, means it when he says “I’ll cut your salary,” courtesy TDS!

Monica Monica Bali
(Manager – Projects and QA)

Full-time professional & a full-time mother, she speaks her heart and mind. Chooses to be honest, loves movies, music and shopping.

Parveen Praveen Kumar Singh
(Assistant Manager – Client Ops)

Loves to ride bike. Cares deeply about others, friendship & love is important for him and he enjoys simple things in life.

Tuhina Tuhina K Gill
(Quality Analyst)

Loves visiting new places and exploring. She’s a fun loving person who speaks from the heart. Looks up to her mother as an ideal.

Puneet Puneet Vashisht
(Data Scientist)

His humbleness, team spirit, unwavering stamina to work under stress, and taking initiatives has always given new dimensions to his professional life.

Rahul Rahul Kumar
(Asst. Manager–Client Ops)

Suresh Wadekar by voice, father of all crisis management, and an amateur sketcher. When life seems boring, touch base for a never ending conversation!

Harpreet Harpreet Saini
(EA & Admin)

A hardworking and committed individual who is focused and brings strong work ethics in her profession. She likes eating ice cream and listening to music.

Harpreet Neha Jolly
(Senior Content Writer)

Travel Junkie. Food Fanatic. Art Enthusiast. Shoe Collector. Music Lover. Soulful Singer. Day Dreamer. Enjoys Challenges. Jolly by nature, kind at heart.

Arnab Arnab Mukherjee
(Regional Manager – Alliances)

A foodie who loves cooking and travelling. He’s someone for whom his family holds great importance, and he loves spending time with them.

Devendar Gurleen Kohli
(Business Analyst)

A simple person who lives life king size, in a humble way. Loves travelling & exploring new places and painting. Her mom is her inspiration.

Saumya Dixit Saumya Dixit
(Senior Content Writer)

Wanderlust. Music Lover. Style freak. Adventure Enthusiast. Journal writer. She believes in living the moment & staying happy no matter what!

Jai Prakash Jai Prakash
(Accounts Executive )

Swears by the motto Life is as simple as one wants to make it. The person behind all salary cries. A nature lover who loves his family.

Abeed Ahmed Abeed Ahmed
(Assistant Manager - Client Ops)

A die-hard cricket & music lover. Travelling to new places is his passion and he loves his job all the more because it allows him to do so.

Nikhil Sharma Nikhil Sharma
(Manager - Enterprise Strategy)

A major football freak, he describes His Crust as of a survivor, doer and handler. His core as always calm, relaxed, peaceful and filled with love.

Vijay KV Vijay KV
(Manager - Key Accounts)

Tech savvy, Excel geek, loves sleeping aka “Sleeping beauty”. Lazy, hence works faster & yields better results. Problem solver referred to as Chacha Chowdhary.

Sapna Ahuja Sapna Ahuja
(Assistant Manager - Marketing)

XIMB Alumnus. Loves Travelling & Networking. Animal and Nature Lover. Music freak. Karma Believer. Believes in Love what you do and Do what you Love!

Akshat Prasoon Akshat Prasoon
(Manager - Enterprise Strategy)

Self-motivated, goal-oriented thinker, observer, learner and an implementer. Currently thinking how to stop hair fall, and learning ways to get them back!

Sukriti Abrol Sukriti Abrol
(Manager - Key Accounts)

Goal-oriented with an ability to innovate & inspire. She believes that life’s not just one thing but many, and finds herself lucky to be doing many, striving for more.

Priyanka Bal Priyanka Bal
(Graphic Designer)

Die-hard dog lover. Loves everything related to pixels. Goal oriented. Travel junkie & a big-time foodie. In spare time she loves to sleep or watch movies.

Amit Ghosh Amit Ghosh
(Assistant Manager: Client Ops)

Long drives, action movies, badminton, delicious food, and travelling to hilly places is what he loves. A go-getter who completes all his tasks on time.

Pappu Sinha Pappu Sinha
(Key Account Manager)

Loves exploring new places, riding bikes and watching Hollywood flicks. Believes in “What lies in our Power to do, lies in our power not to do.”

Mohit Bansal Mohit Bansal
(Associate, Data Sciences)

Enthu-learner. Messi fan. Math lover. This young lad loves to go on long drives and his love for food is eternal.

Harish GV Harish GV
(Associate, Data Sciences)

Self-motivated. Determined. Pro-gamer. Likes learning new things and is inclined towards creative art and long drives is what he loves!

Nitya Dubey Nitya Dubey
(QA Analyst)

Loves music, travelling and reading. Passionate about learning and trying out new things.

Manish Sharma Manish Sharma
(Engagement Manager)

A keen learner, he is always fascinated about building new things. In leisure time, he either reads books or watches movies. His new found hobby is gardening.

Harsh Sharma Harsh Sharma
(Big Data Developer)

Big data developer who likes doing R&D on new technologies. Fond of reading HINDI-SAHITYA. By default, a lazy person. In search of eternal peace in life.

Deepak Kumar Deepak Kumar
(MIS Executive)

SLIET Alumnus. Spiritual Believer. Hard worker and Dreamer. Because dreamers cannot be TAMED.

Rohit Kacchawaha Rohit Kachhawaha
(Manager: Enterprise Strategy)

A Martinet in the making, Marathoner, Cultural Enthusiast, and a Backpacker! His family is his universe. Strong believer of 'The Bhagvad Gita' and 'The Intelligent Investor'.

Salman Khan Salman Khan
(MySQL DBA Developer)

Experienced IT professional who is a passionate worker. A techie but creative at the same time. Loves to travel and party. Self-motivated and highly professional.